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Our Company
What drives us?
Why Synergia Bio Sciences?
Synergia Bio Sciences is a unique, global biopharmaceutical services and manufacturing company that helps emerging and established firms commercialize novel and innovative biotech and pharmaceutical products and therapies. Clients trust Synergia to deliver customized strategic guidance and creative hands-on solutions to address their unique regulatory, clinical trial and quality assurance challenges at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Since we began operations in 1998, clients have turned to us for strategic consulting and tactical solutions to understand and overcome regulatory, compliance, clinical trial and supply chain challenges at all stages of the product life-cycle. By leveraging India’s globally competitive cost base and our comprehensive knowledge of Indian and international regulations, clients capture and grow market share, increase productivity, and stay competitive in an increasingly complex global marketplace.

With Synergia Bio Sciences, you have access to our team of experts and project managers with a wealth of regulatory, industry, and healthcare experience to guide you through product development and product launch, and to help you ensure post-market product compliance.

Over the past decade, Synergia has also handled procurement management for over 500 relief projects of NGOs like the World Health Organization and the Médecins sans Frontières and government projects across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

As a voluntary humanitarian initiative in 1999, Synergia assisted Nobel Prize winner, Médecins sans Frontières and the World Health Organization to validate antiretroviral manufacturing facilities of Indian generic companies, enabling access to cost-effective quality antiretroviral generics from India (at a nearly 60% cost reduction) and bringing about a breakthrough in global AIDS treatment provision to millions of afflicted patients around the globe.

Synergia Foundation, the non-profit arm of Synergia, is a research based think-tank located in Bangalore. The foundation conducts research in the areas of supply chain, risk management and business resilience across domains. Analyses of geo-political, macroeconomic and social developments in the areas of security, public policy, climate change and global conflict are other main areas of focus.
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