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Synergia Foundation, the non-profit arm of Synergia, is a research based think-tank located in Bangalore. The Foundation conducts research in the areas of supply chain, risk management and business resilience across domains. Analyses of geo-political, macroeconomic and social developments in the areas of security, public policy, climate change and global conflict are other main areas of focus.
Areas of current research:
UK India Science Bridge Biopharm 2020

Synergia is currently partnering with the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (IIMB), the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK) and the University of Nottingham (UON) on project BioPharm 2020 Science Bridge. The project which has been commissioned by the Research Councils UK (RCUK) and the Department of Science and Technology (DST) seeks to create a step-change in collaborative innovation, building on extensive industry and academic collaborations. The research seeks to provide insights that can contribute to drug discovery and development, drug delivery, manufacturing and supply chain management of biopharma drugs and medical devices that add value to health and delivery of medical care.

As part of this research project, we are carrying out a study on the biopharma drug discovery and development process drawing on our expertise of new product development (NPD) across other technology intensive industries. There has been some recognition of the need for the biopharma industry to learn from other industries that have managed operational excellence in terms of cost-effective development and faster lead-times, in the face of price competition and product obsolescence (Pisano, 2000). We believe the industry can benefit from this insight and adopt better practices to improve the way they develop new products.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology SCALE (Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence) Global Risk Initiative

The Synergia Foundation is collaborating with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) to conduct a study of Supply Chain Risk Management under the MIT SCALE (Supply Chain and Logistics Excellence) Global Risk Initiative. Our current research aims at providing a deeper understanding of how regional and cultural differences affect how people think about and manage supply chain risks.

We are now conducting a global survey of experiences and attitudes toward Supply Chain Risks and Risk Management. The survey is being conducted among supply chain professionals across North America, Europe, China, India, Africa, and Latin America in manufacturing, retail, and distribution companies. Through this survey, we seek to gauge the importance of risk prevention, event response and control points, understand risk and disruption frequencies and understand what companies do to address these risks.

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