Synergia Bio Sciences is a unique, global biopharmaceutical services and manufacturing company which partners with biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical technology companies in the design and implementation of innovative global strategies to expedite product development. Products include drugs, biologics, medical devices, combination products and advanced therapy products.

Synergia Bio Sciences is comprised of a dedicated team of highly experienced scientific and regulatory experts with first-hand experience and proven track records in managing all phases of drug development. We support the biomedical industries and their investors by providing comprehensive and integrated drug development services from early development to First in Human and proof of concept studies.

Services available include support on specific needs to "fill a gap" or by serving as your complete drug development team providing an integrated approach throughout the new product development process. Were ready to follow your product from start to finish, or to engage for just the phases or functions you need. We invite you to explore the possibilities of partnering with Synergia Bio Sciences throughout the product lifecycle. Learn more about our services.